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My much loved yet highly skeptical, 80-year-old father, who goes by “Grumps,” was the starting point for this balm.  As a student of naturopathic counseling, I’ve thrown every product that has crossed my desk at him.  My office shelves are filled with every variety of natural remedies from supplements to homeopathic tinctures, to protein powders, vitamins, creams, rubs, sprays and on and on.  Grumbling with each new thing, he has humored me and tried them all. (So he said!) 


But this one stopped us both in our tracks!  It really, REALLY works.


Seeing so many good results, with my Dad, Mom, clients, friends and relatives, I’ve made it my mission to get Edie's Best Balm to sore, achy people, at any age, everywhere!


Part of the reason it may be so effective is the mix of the hemp derived blend and the absorbability of the base ingredients.  It is all American sourced ingredients and manufactured.  And of course, the purity of the ingredients play a big part in why Edie's Best Balm the best out there!


Feel Better Soon!

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